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The People’s Peace Core is a peace militia, the first of it’s kind. Made up of groups of Law Men and Law Women, Peace Men and Peace Women, we aim to stand by the seeking of peace and truth to promote the progression from a world controlled by lies and deceit through covert means, to one controlled, for the first time in history, by the people and inclusive to all on the planet.

Why we do it

Unitatis | Libertas | Pax

Unity | Freedom | Peace

We are primarily working on preventing breaches of the peace in the community that we all have a duty to uphold, to work for reconciliation amongst all conflicted groups and to let the enforcement arms of the government know that we will work alongside them when required. However,  we will also stand up to unlawful actions and trespasses when we witness them.

We are not a corporate entity but an unaffiliated and unincorporated group of like-minded members of the world community.

Because we feel that all of us have an inherent knowledge of what is right and wrong in terms of the people’s common law, we have no central command or control and the People’s Peace Core has no hierarchy apart from an administration/resources/advice team which anyone can be entitled to join.

The People's Peace core in action

How we work

What we do

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We invite groups of six to form and contact us, with the onus for vetting done within the new group; and all we ask is a group name and contact. We are more than happy to attend a meeting and to give some direction as to how we work in terms of our developing modus operandi. We are in the process of developing a short course which is presently rapidly developing, with input from all member groups and will roll out in the coming weeks as a free course apart from travel expenses. Equipment and uniform is white logoed high visual vest, white hats, white gloves and protective glasses which total around £25 per man or woman. We also carry a flag with the logo Peace and Truth. In the mean time we expect newly formed groups to show maturity and presence of mind as we begin to show ourselves on the streets.

We need your donation to cover the costs of training our Peace Core volunteers and providing the necessary apparel

Donate to the peoples peace core

our fund raising campaign

We are a non-hierarchical volunteer-led organisation to uphold the peace. Your donations will primarily go towards funding uniforms, apparel and safety equipment for our Peace Men & Peace Women and our Law Men and Law Women. We are in the process of developing a training course which will be provided free of charge to volunteers wanting to become Law Men & Law Women and Peace Men & Peace Women with us.


£25 will cover the apparel for one of our Law or Peace volunteers. However we greatly welcome and appreciate a donation of any size.

The People's Peace Core in Action

Why we are different – our philosophy

A populo populi et populi

Of the people, for the people, by the people

We do not deal with persons (corporate entities), humans (corporate fiction entities), but with flesh and blood living men and women and for this reason we have no affiliation or need for association with government bodies, but pledge loyalty only to the people. We are bound by the precepts of the peoples common law which are do not cause harm, loss or injury to another, do not breach the peace and be honourable in your contract dealings. By the nature of this we therefore step outside some of the legal aspects of policy enforcing which work on government acts and statutes and stand under a lawful form of peoples peacekeeping.

We will be using the services of the peoples public trust as a reporting tool.

We are only funded by donations from the people, so we can remain totally transparent and without any conflicts of interest.

when we formed

The People’s Peace Core International was  formed on the 24th Jan 2021 at Rowheath Pavillion, Bournville, Birmingham by trustees and beneficiaries of the following:  People’s Common Law Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Trust, People’s Common Law Parliament of England Trust, People’s Common Law Parliament of Scotland Trust, People’s Common Law Parliament of Wales Trust, People’s Common Law Parliament of Northern Ireland trust and indentured by a People’s common law court on the 31st January 2021 at Rowheath Pavillion, Bournville, Birmingham.

We seek peace and truth and promote the progression from a world controlled by lies and deceit to a world where peace and truth is upheld. Be a part of the change that you want to see.

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